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      • Muscle Atrophy After Injury

        Muscle atrophy is a state in which a muscle becomes significantly weakened because of non-use of the muscle. In fact, muscle loss can occur in as little as 72 hours. Over time this non-use can cause actual muscle loss as well as weakness. Muscle atrophy can occur in any muscle...

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      • Can A Device Help You Heal Faster?

        Most of us have had a broken leg or ankle, or know someone who has. People who have had the misfortune to break their ankle often say that full recovery takes months or even years. Most say that the ankle is never the same. It is not an insignificant injury....

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    FlexLeg is a hands-free crutch alternative for temporary lower leg injuries. FlexLeg's special foot design provides a superior mobility experience for an active lifestyle. We’ve designed a product that allows you to continue to live an active life, even with a lower leg injury such as a broken ankle. FlexLeg is designed to be hands-free, which means you can keep doing what you should – living your life.

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