How to Use

Experiencing an injury of any kind is always challenging. Experiencing a lower leg injury that leaves you partially or fully immobile for a time is even worse. FlexLeg was designed to help individuals with a lower leg injury to remain active and mobile.


FlexLeg Success Pointers:

1) Is this you? Determining User Suitability. If it is, you may be a perfect candidate for a FlexLeg.

2) Practice, Practice, Practice! Learning to use a FlexLeg is a little like learning to ride a bike. It is a bit awkward at first, but once you get the hang of it, walking with it becomes part of your everyday life as you recover. A little practice goes a long way. You can either learn to use crutches and have your hands tied up over the next 6-8 weeks, or you can learn to use a FlexLeg and keep living life as usual.

3) Get some support. Most people need a little help from a caregiver, cane, or walker during the initial learning period. This is normal and we strongly recommend it. Think of learning to use a FlexLeg as more of a marathon instead of a race. Slow and steady gives you better results than trying to get to the end all at once.

4) Keep a healthcare professional involved. We recommend keeping your physician and/or therapist involved, even after you’ve started using a FlexLeg.

5) Have questions? Please ask. We’re here to help! You can use our Contact Us page or call us at 801.471.0450.

6) Check out our Downloads page to download a manual and quick start guide.



Training Videos

We’ve put together some videos to help guide you through assembly, fitting, and use of a FlexLeg. Please share your feedback if you find these videos helpful. You can do so by visiting the Contact Us page. Unit viewed in videos are previous versions and may not be the same as the unit you recieved. For the most part, principles taught in the videos still apply to the current version of the device.



Assembling a FlexLeg

The video above demonstrates how to properly assemble a FlexLeg.


Fitting a FlexLeg

The video above demonstrates how to properly fit a FlexLeg.


Using a FlexLeg

The video above demonstrates how to properly use a FlexLeg.